Machine doesn't respond after IP swap

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I've swapped my IP to a restore box, now that I've swapped it back, the machine isn't responding.

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There are some things that you want to look at when booting up a Linode after an IP swap. One of the things that might help with a successful boot is enabling Network Helper.

What Network Helper is designed to do is automatically configure static IP address configuration files, and it will update those to the new IP.

Network Helper

If Network Helper is turned off and you've manually configured a static IP address, you would need to update the configuration for that new address.

Static IP Configuration

Another thing to consider if you're unable to reach the IP address after awhile is letting the router directly know that the IP has changed. We've added a note describing how to do this in the section of our 'Remote Access' guide that talks about Swapping IP Addresses:

If the IP is unreachable after a few minutes, you may need to notify the router directly of the IP change with the arp command run on your Linode:

arping -c5 -I eth0 -S
ping -c5
Replace with your new IP address, and with the gateway address listed in your Remote Access tab under “Default Gateways”.

Thanks @rgerke - I think the arping command is meant to have a lower case s:

arping -c5 -I eth0 -s

Thankfully after hours of unresponsive IP this worked. It would be great of a real fix can be applied here as this issue has been ongoing for years.


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