How do I migrate my wordpress site to CoreOS?

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I'm considering a migration of my wordpress site to a CoreOS container. Do you have any solid documentation or know of a way to effectively migrate my files to such a container?

Here's what I've read so far:

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We do have a guide for configuring a Linode with CoreOS, and from there you can supplement with other guides for WordPress configuration.

As you may know, when using containerized WordPress sites, data in containers is not permanent. When you stop a container and run it again, it won't have any of its previous data. This complicates the setup when you are not just using Wordpress for development, as many of the online guides, including the ones you've already read, seem to be using it for.

The most in-depth guide I found on a working setup was a highly available site using Kubernetes and an NFS mount to hold the data.


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