Fedora 29 image - which edition?

Does anybody know which "edition" is the Fedora 29 image offered by Linode?

I mean it is Fedora Server or the generic Workstation desktop-oriented version / edition?

One other thing…

I've got disk space to spare in my plan (not yet assigned into any actual disk devices).

What if I wanted to create a separate disk to try Fedora, keeping my existing disk with existing OS install untouched - should I be using "Deploy an image" in Linode Manager (as opposed to "Rebuild" which is destructive)?

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Greetings @kmansoft,

The Linode-supplied Fedora 29 image is the web server edition. However, you could install a custom distribution and use the GLISH console to run a graphical desktop environment. You can find a full list of our Remote Desktop guides here.

To answer your second question, you are correct. To deploy a second disk you would use the Deploy an Image function. The Rebuild feature would be used if you were wiping the disk and starting fresh.



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