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5 months ago, you announced: "Linode bundles generous amounts of transfer (and other resources) across our plans and services. In the coming months, through this partnership we will further improve that value by making data transfer free between Linode and Cloudflare for our mutual customers." (

I would like to ask for an update on this.
1) When will bandwidth between linodes and cloudflare become unmetered?
2) When will bandwidth between the newly announced object storage product and cloudflare become free?

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Also wondering about this.

We're still in the process of rolling this out, and hope to have it implemented in the coming months. Object Storage is also in the works — look for announcements on our blog.

@bbigger so what's the status now?

We're still investigating implementing a system to track and discount traffic under this partnership. In the meantime, if you're hitting overage charges for network transfer for traffic that is directed at CloudFlare, you can open up a Support ticket and we'll do what we can to help.

Update: As of September 2022, Linode is no longer part of the Cloudflare Bandwidth Alliance.


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