After installing a StackScript

It's my first time deploying using a StackScript, normally I would install and configure everything manually, I'm planning to use the linode/wordpress one, I'm presuming once the StackScript is run then I will need to go through some config to get the site running correctly?

I'm just not sure what else will need to be done before I get started, I have had a look around the documentation but it doesn't say what the next steps are, unless I missed something and that is a possibility.


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You're right-- after you deploy a Linode with the linode/Wordpress StackScript, you'll need to set up and configure your Wordpress site. You can do this right from the browser by going to http://my-website.tld/wp-admin You'll need to input the database information you provided initially in the StackScript.

Luckily, we've also just launched One-Click Apps. If you use One-Click Apps to deploy a Linode with Wordpress, you can skip the database configuration completely and go right to editing your site. We've got a handy guide on deploying a Wordpress site with our One-Click Apps here

When you go to http://my-website.tld/wp-admin to configure your site, you'll need to use the Admin Username and Admin Password you provided when creating the Linode. From there you are free to make edits to your site!


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