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I'm unable to log in to my Linode as one of my sudo users. When I attempt to login, I get an incorrect password message.

How can I get logged into the Linode as this specific sudo user?

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This is actually a pretty simple and quick process, let me walk you through it:

  1. Log in as the root user
    -----> If you don't remember your root password, you can easily reset it using your Linode Manager and following the steps in this guide.
  2. Once logged in as the root user, enter in the following command:

passwd user

-----> make sure to change the user in the above command with the actual username for that user you are attempting to change the password for.

  1. You'll be prompted by the system to enter in the new password (remember the password will not be visible while typing it in)
  2. You should be all set! Try logging in as the other user to verify the password has been changed correctly

Using the Cloud Manager, the root password can be reset by first powering off the Linode, then clicking on the "Reset root password" under the Settings tab. This guide will help.

Reset the root password and still running into issues connecting from your local terminal?

Permission denied (publickey)

Seeing this error likely means that your Linode's SSH access has been secured/configured to use public key authentication and there may be an issue with your public key or the SSH configuration itself (within your Linode). If you'd like to investigate this further, the following post outlines some next steps.

As you are unable to login via your local terminal, you'll need to use Lish, the out-of-band console.

Lish allows you access to your Linode, even when you are unable to connect directly via SSH.

If you're unfamiliar with the Lish console, this guide may come in handy:


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