My IP is blocked, what should I do?

Hello, colleagues!

I have a linode, I started to work with it 2 days ago (and paid for it 40$). Right from the beginning I've found that I'm unable to connect to it via ssh or any other method. The investigation showed that my IP is actually blocked in Russia (my current location is Moscow).

Then I tried to connect to my linode via free VPN, but found it very inconvenient due to unstable connection and limited traffic.

What should I do to restore the stable, not blocked access? How can I change the IP without paying extra money? I cannot know about the IP unless I have the linode.

P.S. There is the service to check the blocking:

My current IPv4 is

Thank you!

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Get another IPv4 address by creating a new Linode.

How can I be sure that the IP will not be blocked again? I do not know about the linode IP before I create it. And then I'll have to pay extra money, if I need to create again, if the second attempt is not successfull.

Also, I've already uploaded some data to my current linode via VPN and it would be sad to lost it.

You can't. Complain to the Russian government, it's not Linodes fault.


There was really perfect way of getting rid of this problem.
It was only needed to order a nanode and swap ips with it. Then delete nanode. It cost only several cents (unlike 1$/month for the additional IP) and every peace of data is saved.

The support team really helped me! Thank you!


Greetings @dor_ser,

Glad we were able to help you out. Since we only charge by the hour you would not be charged the full $5 for the nanode - if the IP address was blocked. You can also run a report using This tool has come in handy when troubleshooting GFW blockages as well.

To swap the IP addresses you can use the following tutorial.

Swap IP Addresses

Be sure to let us know if anything else comes up.



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