Problems finding my way around the new cloud interface


I've been a Linode customer for many years now. I'm a little confused by the new cloud interface to my account, and can't find various bits of info which were clearly displayed in the old version.

Specifically, my Linode currently has 80GB storage. Of this, 24GB is used for the Linode's filesystem, 24GB was an image of a previous version of the system, and the remaining 32GB was free (I'd not yet got around to resizing the system after the storage on my package was increased from 48GB to 80GB some time ago).

On the new cloud interface I can't find anywhere that tells me how my filesystem is currently utilised (e.g. the 24/24/32 split as mentioned above). I can't see where the old image I had is (if I look at the Image tab, nothing is listed), and I can't see how to expand the current filesystem from its current 24GB to use up some of the 32GB that I'm currently not using.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Surely I should be able to see/do all of this somewhere on the new interface, like I could on the old one?


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Just replying to my own query, I see that there is a "Looking for the Classic Linode Manager?" link in small font at the bottom of the new log-in page, and indeed the help text on mouse hover for this says "Pre-paid … customers should continue to use Classic". So as I'm a pre-paid customer, I guess that's where I should be! It's just a bit confusing that this is all hidden away now, and I've not really heard anything from Linode to explain these changes.

Hi @timt, Sorry for the delayed response.

You should be able to find your Disk Allocation under the Settings tab, in the Advanced Configurations section.

We found that many of our customers were not finding the Disk Allocation information useful. And it was even confusing some customers who had 100% of their disk allocated into thinking that they were out of disk space. So, we moved it into the Advanced Configurations section, where more advanced users like yourself can take advantage of it.

The feedback that it's not intuitive to find that information currently is appreciated.



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