How do I encrypt my Linode?

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I would like to add a new Linode to my account. Can the disk be encrypted first before the operating system is installed?

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It is possible to encrypt your filesystem on a Linode. It should be noted also that certain services will not work on encrypted Linodes. This would include the following:

Network Helper
Lassie Reboot
• It will not be possible to reduce the disk image space at a later date
• You’ll also need to implement your own backup solution since the Linode Backup Service can’t mount encrypted disks.

We also have two guides on encryption, one for dm-crypt and the other on luks. You can reference these if you're unsure how to encrypt your disks or if you'd like to get a general idea of what encryption entails.

How to Use LUKS for Full Disk Encryption on Linux:

How to Encrypt Your Data with dm-crypt:


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