Linode DNS vs Goggle Domain DNS

Hi, I want to use a custom domain with my linode registered with google domains. Google domains provide a free dns with a very cool feature : gmail email alias. I see that linked provide a free dns feature. Does this is worth it to use linode dns more than google dns and loose the alias feature ? Because I don’t see any cool feature with linode dns (except linode dns but I not planning on using it for now)…

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Hello, for most people the advantage of using Linode DNS is being able to manage both Linodes and DNS from the Linode Manager, without having to log in to your DNS Provider's portal. It would also allow you to use our API to manage your DNS records.

In terms of features, Linode supports DNS Slave configurations for AXFR updates, which it appears Google does not. If you're not already familiar with AXFR, you probably don't need it.

If you're happy with Google's DNS Manager there's no real reason to switch :)


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