How do i transfer my Authorative Name server from Wix to Linode.

Hi guys.
I am fairly new. I have been reading guidelines but i am failing to transfer my domain from wix to linode.
Wix has sent me an AEP code but i dont know where exactly to put it in Linode?
Please help if you can.
Thank you.

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Hey milenkhanal,

If you'd like to have your domain point to your Linode, you would first need to add the domain to our DNS Manager. After doing so, you would need to need log into WIX and point it to Linode's name servers. It looks like WIX has a guide for that here.

Linode Name Servers


Since Linode is not a registrar you're unable to "transfer" your domain registration to us. If you'd like to transfer your domain to a different registrar other than WIX you would need to use companies such as godaddy, namecheap, etc.

Hopefully this helps!


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