cPanel insufficient disk space upgrade error

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My Linode has enough disk space, yet I receive the below error after an auto-upgrade.

cPanel & WHM cannot update due to insufficient disk space in the staging directory, '/usr/local/cpanel

How can I troubleshoot this?

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There could be a few reasons you are getting this error. Sometimes, the error message may tell you how much space is needed as opposed to how much space it reads is available. We will need to check our disk usage to get a baseline. Let's walk through a few steps to see where the issue is.

#Show disk usage in human readable format by displaying them in megabytes and gigabytes
df -h

#Will show each folder size in megabytes under /home/directory
du -sh /home/*

1. Move Backups offsite
There are may ways to store specific backups. This intro will help you access your needs. cPanel has some documentation on how to do it through there system.

2. Move or archive logs
These are typically in /var/log and may get quite large if they get out of hand. They may be found in the below places, as well.


3. Remove cPanel archive files
You can move or delete the following files as they may not be needed. Some of the names may be different depending on your cPanel version.
/home/<cpanel update file name>

4. Remove unnecessary or duplicate folders such as the ones below.

These are just a few steps you can try. I hope this is helpful. Please, feel free to ask the Community if you have any questions.

Happy Troubleshooting!


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