Locked out of Root Account / Broken Command Line

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After a recent change the command line doesn't work as expected, and I'm not able to run the commands I need to fix it. Even when trying to log in via Lish, it won't allow access to the root account. How do I get my Linode back to normal?

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You can boot your Linode into Rescue Mode and mount your Linode's data disk in order to navigate to the file in question to make any changes.

From your Linode's dashboard:

  1. Click on Rescue
  2. Select which disks to mount to which location.
  3. Click the Submit button.

If your Linode's data disk is mounted to /dev/sda, then to mount it in Rescue Mode you can run:

mount -o barrier=0 /dev/sda

From there, you can locate edit any configuration files needed. For exampele, if a change to the passwd file would fix it, you can find it at:



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