Best way to wipe my Linode clean and start fresh?

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Firstly, I am new to the Linux environment. Secondly, I am working on hosting a website just to get the technique of setting up, maintaining, and enhancing it. The problem is that I think I've messed it up, or rather it seems all too discombobulated; I have users that I don't even utilize, keys in areas they probably shouldn't be, problems with configuring apache2 and so many other things.

Is there anyway to keep wipe this clean and start fresh?

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Welcome to your first rebuild!

Rebuilding is what you'll want to do to start fresh. It's not uncommon for people just starting out in Linux to fry a server and need to start again. The best amongst us have done it, multiple times, and continue to do often. By rebuilding, you'll end up with a fresh install, which means you'll need to set up whatever configurations you'd like to have and any software you'll still need.

The rebuild your Linode, you can follow the steps from our guide: Erasing Everything and Starting Over

Before you do that, there are some things you'll want to consider.

Do you have a backup?

Most people know this, but it's always good to repeat: Always have a backup in case something goes wrong. We have a guide for setting up your own backups, or you could use our Backups service to make it easier.

  • Setting up your own backups: Following this guide, you'll be able to set up your own backups. Since you said you're new to Linux, this could be a great learning opportunity.
  • Linode's Backups service: Maybe you don't want to learn how to configure your own backups just yet. Our Backups service is a great way to set it & forget it. We'll do the work on automatically backing up your Linode once a day and once a week. You'll have up to 4 available backups to deploy from once this service is up and running on your Linode.

Do you want any of the files on your Linode?

If so, you'll want to remove them from the Linode before rebuilding it. You have a couple options, such as using scp, sftp, or capturing an image of your Linode on your local machine. Our Download Files from Your Linode guide should have everything you need to do this.

After the Rebuild

Once you rebuild your Linode, don't forget to Secure your Server, and set up any additional security you feel you'll need. This rebuilt Linode is just as vulnerable as a fresh new baby Linode.


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