How to Configure CWP to host multiple website.

Dear Friends,

I have one Linode VPS. I installed CWP. I can access it using IP address. I want to configure it use it as multidomain hosting control panel.

Right now it has default name server which points to wep panel website.

What will be the steps/name servers to host multiple sites?

Please guide.


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While I don't have experience with CWP, it sounds like you just need to configure it to serve your domains. This can be done from within the control panel itself by either adding a domain or adding a new user account. After you add your domain through CWP, you'll want to update the name servers for your domain to either use CWP's built-in name servers or hosted DNS like Linode's DNS Manager. If you decide to use a hosted DNS solution, be sure to add the appropriate DNS records that point your domain to your Linode's IP address.

While CWP's own documentation may be difficult to sort through, I've added a few direct links here:

FAQ, How to Upload a Website
How to setup Name Servers

Thank you for the reply. Can you please look at the error on below link?

Hey @nirajnagar, it looks like you've got your domain pointing to our nameservers, and a domain configured using Linode's DNS Manager. However, you also need to add DNS records for your domain — in this case, you'd need to add at least one A/AAAA record that would direct traffic to your Linode's IP address. You can find some guidance on how to do that here.


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