Configure "A" Record using the DNS Manager

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I'm configuring a new domain using your DNS Manager documentation.

When setting up the "A" record, I'm not certain what to put in the "Hostname" field? Currently, I have it set to the default of "www". Is this correct?

Thank you!

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Hey there! The answer to your question depends on your individual requirements. That said, a common use case is to point a domain to a particular server using IPv4. We'll want to configure both the bare domain ( and the www subdomain (, which will allow users to type in either URL to their browser and still reach the same website. In this case, you can configure two DNS records:

For the bare domain, leave the hostname field blank. For the www domain, enter "www" as the hostname. For both, you'll want to enter the same IPv4 address for the Linode or server that's hosting your website.

Note: If you also wish to support mobile and other IPv6 only devices, you'll want to create two additional records following the same instructions as above but using the server's IPv6 address instead of the IPv4 address.

Additional DNS records will also be required if you wish to point your domain to a mail server, serve additional websites on subdomains (like, use DNS-based verificiation methods, and many more use cases.


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