How do I submit abuse reports?

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How do I submit abuse reports?

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How do I submit abuse reports?

This is a great question. We take abuse seriously and the best course of action is to report abuse on our platform using our abuse portal or to We have a team dedicated to these issues that monitors for reports 24 hours a day.

What is considered abuse?

Abuse on our platform can include a variety of things. Your best point of reference on these matters is our Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy.

What should I include with my abuse report?

As much information as you have. If you have logs of abusive activity, please include these. It is important for our team to fully understand the behavior being reported and the severity of it.

Why is the content I reported still up?

When abuse is reported we consider its context and severity. In some cases, like phishing reports, we are able to take action very quickly. Other reports require a longer investigation. But in any case, every abuse report sent to our abuse portal and is investigated and we take the appropriate action.


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