Accidentally deleted my server

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I accidentally deleted my server. How can I recover my server?

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When a Linode is deleted, an image of the deleted server is automatically taken. Once this image is created, which can take some time to actually be created, you can deploy this image onto a brand new server. It's best to create the new server in the same data center as the server that you've inadvertently deleted. I would do this as soon as possible, as this image will remain available for only a short period of time.

The new server may have a different IP address than your original server. If this is the case, I suggest reaching out to our Support team to see if the original IP address has already been reclaimed by another customer. If not, we should be able to assign this to your new server.

Hello, my account measia2018 have this issue how should I do?

Have you tried deploying a saved image to a new Linode? That would be your quickest way to restore the services. If you open a Support ticket, we may be able to reassign your old IP address, if it hasn't been assigned to a new Linode in the meantime. The new Linode you create will have to be in the same data center as the old one for this to work.

Images created after a Linode is deleted are only kept around for a short period of time, so I would recommend doing this as soon as you have a chance.


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