Why are Linode nameservers necessary? Google domain email forwarding breaks when using Linode nameservers

I'm wondering why it's necessary to use Linode's nameservers when using linode as a webserver to host a website. I'm using a Google .dev domain and if I don't use Google's nameservers, many of the features I got the domain for (like simple email forwarding) are disabled.

Note: I had my website up and fully functioning with Ubuntu 18.10 running NGINX 1.15.5 using Linode's nameservers until I reverted my Google domain DNS settings back to using Google's nameservers.

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It is not necessary to use Linode DNS to host websites on Linode.

simple email forwarding

This is not a DNS feature proper.

It's an "extra" which Google can provide in their DNS manager but which talks to Google's mail systems.

Another example would be a simple checkbox to create a "placeholder web site".

Linode is focused on cloud VPS products (and I think they do a great job) so no such things here.

You can use Google's name servers fur your domain (or anyone else's actually).

Thanks for the confirmation. I figured it was Google just locking out features that aren't directly related on a functional level to get users to keep their nameservers.

@kmansoft @gparent - If I'm handling DNS resolving through Google, is there any need for me to have DNS records in my Linode Cloud Manager?


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