How do I use my own downain name for ssh?

I setup an Ubuntu 18.08LTS server on Linode and configured ssh keys and dissabled password logins.

I want to connect my personal domain name to the server so I can log in via ssh using my domain name instead of the IP address assigned to me by Linode. For example, instead of logging into the server like this: "ssh me@", I want to log in like this: "ssh".

I'm not sure what this is called so I've not been able to search for it. Can someonone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

P.S. Eventually I want to setu a mail server and use the same domain name. not sure if that changes the answer.

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Please setup the DNS record for your domain.
A and AAAA records to point to ipv4 and ipv6 of your linode.

Once that records are setup, you can do a ping and it should show you the ip address of the linode

Then you can do


hope it helps.


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