SPF policy linking to Postfix

Hello Linode Community:

I'm using my linode server with postfix for outgoing mail only.
Since i was having my outgoing emails marked as SPAM i went to the article Configure SPF and DKIM With Postfix

Here i read the section Add the SPF policy agent to Postfix

This would i believe only apply if one uses Postfix for incoming email.

Can anyone confirm the same ?

Thanks in advance.


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There is no software configuration for "outgoing SPF".

It's just a DNS record that tells others that the IP address(es) of your outgoing SMTP server - is/are "authorized" to send mail.

Once you add that, it will be read and checked by the mail servers of your recipients.

Also I recommend reading the section on verification


… which explains how to check that your newly added "outgoing SPF" is indeed working.

PS - DKIM helps too and is only a little bit harder to set up.


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