Problem with my website in Saudi Arabia


I have my website which works in all countries except in Saudi Arabia. I cannot say its not working anywhere in Saudi, but in some places. This website is an online shopping portal and it should work everywhere in Saudi Arabia.
Please help me find a solution.
Further details can be provided upon request.


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There could be a few things going on here.

First, Saudi Arabia does censor internet traffic. I don't know what your website is hosting/selling, nor am I completely knowledgeable of the hows/whats involved in Saudi Arabia internet censorship. As such, I can't provide a recommendation here apart from reviewing censorship information from other sources on the internet.

Another possibility is that there's a routing issue somewhere between your Linode and the destination machine. I suggest looking over an MTR report. Here are the commands you'd likely want to run:

From your Linode, run the following :
mtr -rwbzc100 <destination IP>

From a computer in Saudi Arabia, run the following :
mtr -rwbzc100 <linode IP>

For more information, take a look at our guide on Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR.


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