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In the original Linode Manager, you could get an RSS feed of events by going to the Notifications tab in your profile and generating a key. In the new Linode Cloud Manager, this tab only has a toggle to enable or disable email notification events.

Since my primary email is through my Linode at this time, I strongly prefer having the RSS feed available, as that can function from any standalone feed reader regardless of the state of my Linode. While I can still use it just fine via the original Manager, are there any plans to make the option available through the new Cloud Manager?

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That's certainly something we could look into. I can't make any promises but I'll add it to our internal ideas tracker so we can consider adding an RSS feed to our Cloud Manager in the future.

I also would like this back

In light of the recent end-of-life announcement for the Classic Linode Manager, has there been any update on this feature, or any other non-email method of receiving event notifications regarding Linode services?

Hey @Celti, never say never, but at the moment we've decided not to carry this feature over to Cloud Manager. If you're looking for non-email-centric alerts for your Linode events, I believe you could get similar functionality via APIv4 calls — here's our documentation on this:

We are also missing the old RSS feed feature and would love to see it reborn : )


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