How do I add ssl certification?

I have 4 domain websites in Linode. Using wordpress theme to build the site, now I want to add SSl certificate, I do not know how to do. Is any SSL certificate authority applicable, set up linode server first, then set up Wordpress?

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Installing a TLS or SSL certificate to your publicly accessible website will ensure connections are secured and encrypted. Protecting sensitive data and preventing those pesky unsafe connection warnings that leave users feeling uneasy.

To add an SSL or TLS certificate to your site, I recommend using Certbot to streamline the process. Certbot uses Let's Encrypt to acquire the certificate of choice and takes you through reconfiguring your site to redirect traffic through HTTPS. You'll find a link to our Certbot guide below along with links to the Certbot and Let Encrypt sites to help answer any additional questions.

Certbot Guide
Certbot Site
Let's Encrypt Site

Additionally, there is a plugin for Wordpress to add your newly acquired certificate with just one click.

Really Simple SSL Plugin

I have been trying configuring SSL certificate for my website, however, I am stuck with the final configuration. The homepage is running fine but the other urls are giving a 404 error. Need a suggestion on the same.

update - the 404 error has gone. it was due to the permalink setting.


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