[RESOLVED] DNS SRV Record protocol

I am using Linode's DNS to manage records for a domain and I'm running into some trouble setting up SRV records for an e-mail server's autoconfig/autodiscover. All SRV records seem to add the protocol twice in the record. For example, '_autodiscover.tcp._tcp' instead of '_autodiscover._tcp'. This causes lookups for _autodiscover._tcp.domain.tld to return NXDOMAIN, and ultimately autoconfig functionality to fail on mail clients.

Is there a way to configure SRV records in Linode's DNS manager to not duplicate the protocol in the record?

Here is the configuration of my SRV record:
Service: _autodiscover
Protocol: tcp
Priority: 0
Weight: 1
Port: 443
Target: mail.domain.tld
TTL: Default

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This is a known issue with Cloud Manager that we're working on correcting. In the meantime, you can properly create SRV records in Classic Manager without any issue.


Thank you for the quick response! Your solution worked.

This issue has been fixed — SRV records created in Cloud Manager will now generate properly.


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