How many backups do I get with Linode Backup Service?

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How many backups do I get with the Linode Backup Service? Can I restore from every daily backup?

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One daily, two weekly's, and one manual snapshot. You can choose the day of the week the weekly backup runs.

You can choose to restore from any of those backups. I highly recommend you also do offsite backups.

Linode Backup Types

When you enable Linode Backup Services, you have access to 4 different types of file-level backups: a manual Snapshot, a daily-automated backup, and two weekly-automated backups.

Manual Snapshot:

This is a user-initiated process that makes a copy of your data and preserves it until you decide to overwrite it with a new Snapshot.

Daily Automated Backup:

This is automatically initiated daily within the backup window you select. This will last for 24 hours and then will be deleted once a new daily Backup has successfully completed.

Weekly Automated Backup #1 (from 1-7 days ago):

This is automatically initiated weekly within the backup window, on the day you select. After 7 days, this will become Weekly Backup #2 and a new Weekly Backup #1 will be created.

Weekly Automated Backup #2 (from 8-14 days ago):

This will be replaced by the the preceding week's backup after 7 days.

Please be aware of the following:

All Backups for a Linode will be deleted if you delete the Linode or disable the Backup Services for that Linode.

Once a backup has been overwritten, it will no longer be available.

Linode Backup Limitations


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