Set profile image?

This is not a networking question :)

I see that Linode staff have avatar images, that's understood.

But I've seen - non-Linode - people here with profile / avatar images, although it's not common.

Is this indeed possible? Can't find a way to do it (checked my account in both old and new linode managers, tried clicking on my user name top right, …. nothing)?

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My profile image is my Gravatar, looked up using my Linode account’s email address.

Don't have gravatar / don't know what it is. Is thee another way?

using my Linode account’s email address

I don't have email on my server so how would that work?

Go to and register an account using the same email address as your Linode account.

Upload your desired profile image to your Gravatar account.

Voila! Any app (like Linode) can pass a hashed version of your email address to, and if Gravatar has your email and a profile pic linked to it, it will return the pic to the calling app.

Nothing needed on your server :)

Thank you so very much for that explanation. I'll definitely check that out.


Just went to and attempted to create an account. Let the record shot the my name is Jacob Fines. So jfines (as a username) is pretty much my name. Now check this shit out..


Link: gravatar says my username both exists as well as does not exist --real nice

^ mind blower!


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