What is the difference between Master and Slave DNS zone?

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When adding a domain in client manager It is asking to add as master or slave? Can you explain what it this?

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Essentially the only difference between the two is that you can add records to a Master zone, while a Slave zone can only inherit records from an existing Master zone. Both types are authoritative for their associated domains, meaning that they can hold the information necessary to associate a domain with DNS records, but they get this information differently. Master zones contain the records themselves while Slave zones get those records from elsewhere.

If you need to add a record such as an A/AAAA or an MX to a domain you'll want to set up a Master zone. Within the Domains section of the Linode Manager you'll be able to add and remove records as necessary.

If you only need to create a backup zone which gets all of it's information about records from an existing Master zone you can use a Slave zone.

Here is a guide on adding DNS records to a Master zone for your reference:



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