Migrating to Linode from a Shared Hosting Provider

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I previously hosted my website with a shared hosting provider and I want to migrate my website to Linode. How do I do that?

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The process for migrating from shared hosting provider is relatively simple. We have a guide on migrating from shared hosting here:

Migrate to Linode from Shared Hosting

Some shared hosting providers may not give you direct access to the server your site is hosted on but will give you FTP access and utilities that can create backups that you can download. You can use those to utilities to create backups of any databases or applications and then download those backups to your local computer for later use.

After you've downloaded a local copy of your backups, you can install a web stack like the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or LEMP (Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP) stacks. Using Linode's One-Click Apps, you can quickly and easily automate the process. We have guides on how to use One-Click Apps to install the LAMP stack or a full Wordpress site on a Linode:

Deploy a Lamp Stack with One-Click Apps
Deploying Wordpress with One-Click Apps

If you would like to manually install the stack yourself, we have guides on doing so as well:

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack Guides
LEMP (Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP) Stack Guides

After you've got a web stack installed, you can upload any backups of your website and re-import any backed up databases. We also have a guide on importing backed up databases here:

Restore a MySQL Database from a Backup

Finally, when you've got your website back up and running, you can configure your domain's DNS records to point to your Linode. Note that any changes to DNS records can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate to all of the internets DNS servers. If you are using Linode's DNS manager, you can follow the steps here to configure your DNS records:

Linode's DNS Manager


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