How to configure CNAME for my subdomain

I want to point to for setting a zoho helpdesk site for this subdomain.

  1. I created subdomain
  2. Then added CNAME record under with
    HOST -, and Alias to -

I cannot see CNAME record added to my domain at all. Or should add under also?
BTW, my root domain hosted with Linode works just fine.
Thanks in advance for your time!

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HOST -, and Alias to -

It's the other way around.

Every entry in your DNS Manager is like this: -> VALUE

Where you only enter HOST and VALUE.

Or in other words HOST is but a "prefix" and the rest, is implicit from "what domain are we editing? why it's!".

So every entry you create will fall under - and you can't create because that's controlled by someone else.

Bottom line - you'll want a CNAME where

HOST is help (and will be implied)

PS the meaning of this DNS entry is

To let someone type in a web browser - and it will actually open "behind the scenes".

The browser's URL will still show

Thank you @kmansoft!

Now I understood it correctly. Your PS is exactly what I'm looking for. Changed and waiting for the TTL to finish for 30 minutes.

Thank you!


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