Domain Managers has Red Ring around Icon, no other description given

In my DNS Manager, I have a red circle around the globe icon. There is no information given at all regarding this. But I do know that my new subdomains are not resolving.

Is there any way to receive information regarding this error? It's been this way for about 17 days.

Could it be that I had an A Record and a CNAME Record for the same subdomain?

Is there any functionality that I'm missing within Linode which gives any information regarding errors?

I am thinking that there should be some functionality which gives any bit of detail, within the Linode dashboard, concerning errors like these.

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Go to the old Manager, and then click the Check link for the zone under DNS Manager. This functionality is not currently available in APIv4, and so while the button exists in the Cloud Manager, it is disabled because it can't do anything.

Feel free to post the errors here, and we can probably explain what they mean. If you do that, also provide the contents of the Zone file link for the zone (put 3 backticks (`) on their own line both above and below it), or a screenshot of the records page.

The comments from @dwfreed is spot on!

This functionality isn't available in our Cloud Manager just yet but we're working towards making it available soon.

Feel free to share any errors here or to open a support ticket for further assistance if needed.


Same issue. Went to old manager and checked for the errors:

Your zone contains errors!
dns_master_load: -:22: CNAME and other data
zone loading from master file - failed: CNAME and other data
zone not loaded due to errors.

I'm using Cloudflare and set a CNAME record for mail to go to my linode

Any ideas why I'm getting an error?


Based on the error provided, our first suggestion is double-checking the CNAME record that you have set up to ensure that it is set up properly.

Cloudflare has great documentation on Configuring a CNAME setup that may assist you in getting this set up.

We see that you also have a TXT record, which is likely part of what the conflict is here so you'll want to check on that record as well.

We hope that helps.


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