Help with WHM cPanel username/password.

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I deployed a cPanel script for my Linode, however I'm unable to work out the username to login. I remember the root password I had specified but not sure of the username. Last time I created a Linode I was able to pull it off.

Please help me with the logins/password for WHM and cPanel.

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The root user is reserved for WHM, which is used to administer the server and manage cPanel accounts. Therefore your Linode’s root password is also your WHM root password — it’s the same root user. If needed you can reset this password from the Linode Manager.

To find a cPanel username that you don't remember, login to WHM and navigate Home > Account Information > List Accounts. Alternatively you could quickly dump the usernames with an SSH one-liner.

ssh root@<IPADDRESS> "cd /var/cpanel/users; ls"


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