DJANGO app on linode server works apart from python script

I recently uploaded a django app to the linode server. It was a user friendly process and the site pages load and refresh quickly which is a great first impression. But one feature of the website is that when you click a button on the page a financial stock chart is meant to open up. The output file is a .html file. The process behind the button click is a python script, a .py file. This works fine on my local machine, at localhost:8000 but the chart output doesn't seem to work when loaded into the online machine/server. I've changed the path from C://…/… (local) to /home/…/… (server) for the file location, though this stops django reporting a path error, it doesn't bring up the chart. Any ideas what I need to do to solve this problem? I believe all dependencies and the virtual environment are correctly installed as the .html file is generated in the users/project folder.

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I want to preface this to say that I'm not an expert in Django, but I did some research on this for you and I believe that I've found some guidance that may be able to help you out.

The first is a post on Stack Overflow where a user is running into an issue with .py files not displaying properly when using Django with Python. I think this is a good one because it gives examples of that user's code, which is diagnosed in the solution. It might be worthwhile to compare what you have to this:

Django form, view, and not working together

In another more recent post, a user is having issues with a Python script not working with Django. As I don't know much about your setup, this one being helpful is just speculation but I wanted to pass it along in case it might prove useful:

Python script not working with django shell

I hope this is good information to get you pointed in the right direction. I'll put some tags on this post to give it more visibility to other Django users.


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