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Can someone please walk me through exactly what I need to do to restore a linode from a backup? I want to restore last weeks backup to the same linode and I want to make sure that all the files from the previous linode are gone. I'm also worried that doing this might cause my serverpilot connection to break. I have a site that was hacked and I can't find all the files that have been affected.


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We have a step by step guide on restoring a backup that may help. I'd be happy to go over the steps here, as well:

1) Remove all disks and the configuration profile from your Linode. Alternatively, Check the "Overwite Linode" box in step 5.

2) From the Linode's page in the Linode Manager, click on the "Backups" tab.

3) Click the three dots next to the backup you wish to restore.

4) Click on "Restore to Existing Linode."

5) Select the Linode to restore to. If you didn't remove the disks and configuration profile in step 1, check the "Overwrite Linode" box. This will delete all information currently on your Linode before restoring the backup.

6) Click "Restore".

That's it! All you have to do after that is boot the Linode back up:

1) Click on the "Settings" tab for your Linode.

2) Open the "Advanced Configurations" section.

3) Click on the three dots on the right of the configuration profile, then click "Boot This Config."

Thank you. I'm restoring it now. Just wanted to make sure that I do need to delete or overwrite and you made the instructions seem more clear for some reason. Thanks again.


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