How is there not a linode-image-builder yet?

Why can't we build our linode-compliant OS images locally and upload them? This seems really basic. AWS has AMI builders…

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Currently, you can build local custom images and deploy those images to Linodes — here are instructions on how to do this. When following this guide, you would copy the custom image to the "installer" disk, and would accordingly configure this disk with enough space to accommodate the image.

Having said that, we absolutely recognize that this process could be made more convenient, and to that end I've added this thread to our internal tracker. In the meantime, please let us if you have any specific requests for such a feature here or via email at

Any update on this?

Linode Staff

Thanks for reaching out about this, @jep1985. No updates to share at the moment — I've added your request to our tracker. You can see where we're focusing our efforts on our 2020 Roadmap (at the bottom of this blog post), but we're still looking out for other ways we can deliver on other services that are important to our customers.

Towards that end, specifics on what you're looking for in an OS image management service would help us immensely on scoping and directing our resources. For example, are you just looking for an equivalent to AWS's AMI service? Are you simply looking to have a service that streamlines the process I referenced above to deploy a custom, Linode-compliant image (which could be built with Virtualbox, QEMU/KVM, Packer, etc.)? Are there specific features you'd like to see beyond what you typically see elsewhere?

Feel free to post any additional details or requests here or to (we pay close attention to this inbox).

Linode Staff

Hello @jep1985 I just wanted to reach out to let you know about one way you can build your own image: The Linode Packer Builder!

Packer is an open source tool maintained by HashiCorp. The Linode Packer Builder is a tool that allows you to create templates and images you can then upload to the Linode platform as a custom distribution.

We have a lot more information as well as how to use this tool at our guide.

I hope this helps and is what you're looking for!

Hi @ContinuousIntegration and @jep1985. The ability to upload your own custom image to Linode is now available in beta! Take a look at the Upload an Image guide to get started.


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