Feature Request: More stackscript features.

While the current UDF setup is nice and the search works, I would enjoy having more customization and quality of life features. Here's a few things I'd really enjoy seeing!

UDF additions


Having a way to block off "nginx config" and "postgres config" as separate things would make having more options way easier. Something like <UDF name="-udf-heading_nginx" label="Nginx Configuration"> or type="header" creating a header with no input. There's something sorta like this as a "category" thing in one-click apps, but I'm not sure if it's possible in stack scripts: image showing the header labeled "advanced options"


Something like this would be nice for options that just need a 0/1 answer. Obviously, one can do this with a text input and tell the user to input 0 or 1, but quality of life and such.
~It could probably be implemented by having simply a type="" field or maybe just checking the name for "toggle".
Mockup idea: image showing a mockup of a checkbox in a stackscript options

This exists and better… but it's undocumented as far as I can tell.

<udf name="example" label="Toggle example" oneOf="yes,no" />

Input dependencies

Having categories/inputs be able to only enable themselves when a checkbox is checked or an input field is filled with something like requires="[name]" would be nice, especially since it'd mean one could make empty a different meaning than disabled for optional things without having to check for specific values.


Stackscript categories/tagging

Having a way to tag scripts other than by distro would make searching a lot easier. Instead of searching "ruby nginx" or such, having a tagging system would mean you can simply search for what it installs.

As well, this'd mean there could be a "library" tag that would be used for things like StackScript Bash Library or lib-system-ubuntu.

Search filtering

Being able to do nginx -proxy as a search would be a life saver. Enough said.

Hopefully all of these things are taken into consideration! Thanks!

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There's some great suggestions here! I can see how both header labels and conditional fields (which you referred to as "Input dependencies") could certainly improve the readability and flow of StackScripts that contain lots of fields. I've passed this feedback along to the rest of the team!

While checkboxes aren't available either, you're right in that radio buttons (oneOf) do serve a similar and more flexible purpose. This option and all of the other StackScript UDF attributes/parameters are discussed under Variables and UDFs within our StackScripts Guide.

As for searching through StackScripts, currently the search terms will look through the label, username, and descriptions. Tags are also a great suggestion and I'll certainly pass along.

We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback in such great detail! If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to add to this Community Post thread, create a new post, or send feedback directly to us at feedback@linode.com.


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