How to use my own nameserver hostname, but use Linode DNS manager

I have another non-Linode server I want to eventually migrate all sites off. One issue will be a lot of the domains are set to use that server itself as the nameserver. It would be great if I dont have to track down all the domain owners to get then to change their nameservers. So I wondered if I can just setup all domains on Linode DNS, then point the A record of my nameserver hostnames to Linodes and then they're using Linodes nameservers. Is it as simple as that?

So: IP -> IP (or even a CNAME) IP -> IP (or even a CNAME)

Sooooooo much easier than updating all the domains!


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After doing a little research, I think this may be possible. While I haven't found any official guides on cross-linking nameservers, I have found some indications that it is doable on other hosting platforms. I think as long as your A record is pointing to a Linode it should function properly. If all else fails you can change the nameservers in your original hosting platform's settings.

I did find some helpful documentation describing some of what we are trying to parse. I think you may find some relevant information there.

I would definitely try and test it out and see if it works!


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