Vagrant + Linode.. Do we get the full functionality?

I see there is this article: Using Vagrant to Manage Linode Environments

I'm wondering if we get the full and entire functionality of Vagrant when a plugin is involved? Can / does this plugin (or any other factor/s) cause any loss of functionality over other systems Vagrant get's used with?

The ultimate intention is to explore using Vagrant with Ansible on my Ubuntu 18.04 linode.

Thanks in advance for any help. Any references to discussion about this topic would be very welcome too.


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Hey @Jake, the current Vagrant-Linode Plugin utilizes the deprecated APIv3, which can be limiting depending on your goals for Linode management. The provider otherwise should not impact Vagrant's general functionalities.

You can review the issue list at the provider's Github repo to see if there are known conflicts with your planned application. Notably, you'd need to generate an APIv3 token using Classic Manager, as Cloud Manager will generate an APIv4 token that is incompatible with the Vagrant plugin.

Otherwise, for Linode management that utilizes APIv4, I recommend exploring the Linode Provider for Terraform as a possible alternative.


Sorry for such a tremendously long delay. I was off learning about all kinds of stuff. Never go as far as messing with ansible / vagrant but I'm sure I will. It was real great of you to share some pointers on it and I won't forget them when it comes time.



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