How do I configure DNS for my Linode?

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Can you please tell me how to connect my domain with my Linode.

I have already purchased Domain & Linode from account.

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Connecting your Domain to your Linode is handled by your DNS configuration. We have several guides that will help you configure your DNS, which I'm happy to direct you to.

The first one I want to share with you gives you an introduction to DNS records. It explains the different types and their functions:

Intro to DNS Records

The second discusses the Linode DNS Manager. This is where you can configure your DNS by adding the records. It includes a checklist you can follow to make sure that you've got all of the basics configured so that your domain will connect to your Linode's IP address:

DNS Manager

One of the steps listed in the checklist is setting up reverse DNS (or rDNS). Below is a guide which covers that:


Finally, the guide below gives you common DNS configurations. You might not use all of them, but the information here will be helpful:

Common DNS Configurations

Hi there,
In one of the documentation I saw this:

Use Linode’s Name Servers with Your DomainPermalink

After you purchase a domain, log in to your domain registrar’s control panel and set the name servers for your domain name to the entries below. See the instructions on your domain name registrar’s website for more information.

Do we just use those above in our registrar?

Apologies. Saw there are few more steps other than the above. Will follow them first and ask question again if I am stuck.

Followed the steps in the documentation above and it's all working now.


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