Announcement: Linode Mumbai Data Center Beta

Linode Staff

Hello Linode Community -

We are ready to open the doors to our Linode Mumbai data center for beta testing!

As a beta tester, all customers (new or existing) have the opportunity to test a new data center before it is widely available to customers and give us feedback on your experience. If you want to participate, simply open a Support ticket titled “Mumbai Beta” to request access and our team will add you to the list.

Once you receive a confirmation that you are successfully enrolled in the beta, “Mumbai, India” will appear in the list of available locations when creating a Linode from the Cloud Manager.

There are a few things to note about being a beta tester:

IP Failover or IPv6 /116 Pools are currently not supported
If you want to test with an existing Linode, it’s best to clone it to Mumbai
At the end of the beta, your Linodes will stay in the Mumbai data center
Any Linodes deployed in the Mumbai data center will appear on your regular bill

We’re here to help at any time, just open a Support ticket or comment on this post. We appreciate your interest and support in launching our newest data center. It’s an exciting time at Linode and we’re glad you are a part of it.

Happy beta'ing!

The Linode Team

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