Why can't I add an A / AAAA record for a dot net domain?

Why can't I add an A / AAAA record for a dot net domain?

I can add a record for a .com, but not a .net.

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Hey there beggarsopera,

I'm sorry to read that you are currently having an issue with getting your A/AAAA records set up. I can provide you with information and the steps you can take in order for you to get this situation handled.

First, when you mention that you cant add an A/AAAA record for a .net domain, are you receiving an error? Generally speaking, the A & AAAA records only need a hostname assigned with the IP address. If you have already done that, please let us know - in addition to anynmore information you can provide in this post, or create a ticket for support.

If you navigate to the Domains portions of your Cloud Manager, you will want to add DNS records for both an A and AAAA record.

If you want your customers to view the site with the www. subdomain, you'll want to add www as your Hostname. If not, and you want customers to traverse to myexamplesite.net, then you will keep the Hostname blank, but you will want to have your IPv4 address included for you A record, and your IPv6 address for your AAAA record.

Once you get that setup, be mindful of our 15 minute propagation time. Additionally, once your DNS records are set up, and you are interested in setting up Reverse DNS, you can check out that guide to do so.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reply and get back to us. Have a great day, beggarsopera!


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