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I would like to know. I use WHM and CPanel in my Linode. For example, when a user create a new domain in his cpanel, must I add that in Linode/Domains?

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This is a great question, and we have a guide which shows you how to add and manage your domains when using CPanel.

It'll show you how to set up your DNS records through your CPanel service, and also how to use the Linode DNS Manager as a slave when setting up your DNS.

If you set up your DNS only in CPanel, the domains will not show up in your Linode Manager - they will only do so if you have our DNS Manager set up as a slave.

That said, you do not need to add the domain through our DNS Manager if it's already configured in CPanel.

Here are the guides that we have that go through all of this:

Set Up DNS Services on CPaenl

Manage Domains with CPanel


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