How to install Pycharm on a Linode

Avatar Linode 4 months ago

When trying to install Pycharm [1] I received the following error:

Startup Error: Unable to detect graphics environment

Is it possible for a graphical IDE to work on a Linode?


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Avatar dsmith 4 months ago Linode Staff


If you plan to run a graphical IDE then you'll need to install an X Window system such as Xorg. You can read more about Xorg here:


We also have a guide on running graphical software using X-Forwarding. First, you'll need to install xauth on your Linode with:

sudo apt-get install xauth

Then, install the client on your operating system of choice:


Here is the full guide on X-Forwarding:



Alternatively, you can just run your IDE locally and connect it to a remote server:

create a remote server configuration


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