Can I use Block Storage with Nextcloud?

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Hello, I've just found out you now offer block storage service/ It's awesome - I've always lacked diskspace on my linode.

I just wanted to make sure it suits me. I wanted to transfer my nextcloud data storage on that block storage, is it a good idea? I mean is the data safe there, does it persist? What's the access speed, the same as ssd? Frankly, I just want to use that storage as a constant disk volume, Is it designed to be that way?

Thank you for you attention

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You can definitely use our Block Storage with Nextcloud. In fact, we created a guide on how to do that.

Block Storage uses HDD, so it won't have the same read/write speed as an SSD.

Our Block Storage is persistent, but it's still always a good idea to backup your data. Our Backups service does not cover Block Storage volumes. I'd recommend setting up a backup with rsync.


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