How do I install Odoo Enterprise 12?

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I need to install Odoo Enterprise 12. How can I do this?

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Before you begin installing Odoo, you need to have PostgreSQL installed first. Clicking on the link will bring you to all of our guides on PostgreSQL - use the one that is most applicable for your Linode.

Once PostgreSQL is installed, you can check out Odoo's installation guide for Linux, or you can jump straight to the appropriate section for your distribution:

If you are using CentOS, please be advised on what I found in their installation guide:
"As of 2017, CentOS does not have the minimum Python requirements (3.5) for Odoo 12.0."

If you already have Odoo Community Edition installed, you can upgrade from Community to Enterprise. Additionally, I would recommend checking out all of their Odoo Documentation for any further help - they have a lot of great documentation available!


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