How do I set rDNS from an IPv6 Pool?

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I need to get reverse DNS set up for one of my AAAA records but I don't want to use the SLAAC address. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it from the Cloud Manager. Am I just out of luck?

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So it is true, there isn't currently a method for setting rDNS for an address in a IPv6 /64 pool from the Cloud Manager.

But! You can do so in the Classic Manager. You will need a valid AAAA record set within the /64 pool for the domain you want to assign. Once the record has fully propagated all you need to do is enter it into the Hostname field under the rDNS link of the Remote Access tab. If the record is set correctly it will pop up and you can click Assign on the IPv6 address you want to use.
You can take a look at this guide for reference.

@tbaka is there a plan to bring this functionality to the new Cloud Manager or are IPv6 pools headed the same way as Longview? :-(

@andysh I'm afraid I can't comment on that right now. I will make sure that your request gets into the right channels though. Keep an eye on the Cloud Manager and our blog for updates.

As an update here, we have added support for rDNS out of IPv6 pools into the Cloud Manager! There are more detailed instructions in our rDNS Guide but in short you will need to:

1: Select the three dots (…) to the right of the IPv6 Pool you would like to use in the Networking tab of your Linode's page in Cloud Manager.

2: Enter the address from that pool and FQDN in the menu.

3: Repeat for as many of the addresses as you want (out of the 18 quintillion that is).

@tbaka I’d totally forgotten about this thread and that this couldn’t previously be done in the new Cloud Manager!

But yes I’ve been using this functionality successfully in Cloud Manager for the past few months, so thanks :-)


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