Welcom Nginx page while opening on JIO network

Hi All,
I'm facing a weird situation here, maybe a silly question to ask.
but my website http://cakehouse.online is loading well on mobile and desktop. but when i try to open on JIO network, it shows "Welcome to Nginx" page.

dig A cakehouse.online +short

dig AAAA cakehouse.online +short

Any idea why this is happening? does Jio needs ssl to open sites?
any help would me much appreciated.

Thank you,

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The difference is due to IPv4 (desktop, mobile) vs. IPv6 (your 4G network).

Try comparing the difference between

curl -4 -v http://cakehouse.online

^^^ Gets your "cake" website


curl -6 -v http://cakehouse.online

^^^ Gets the nginx welcome page

Assuming that 2400:8904::f03c:91ff:fe8c:c95 is, as expected, your Linode's IPv6 address - it must have to do with your nginx configuration.

I'd check the server { } blocks and specifically the listen directives. Unless your server handles a multitude of sites under different server names, you can do a simple "listen on all addresses" like this:

    listen 80 default_server;
    listen [::]:80 default_server;

The first listen is for IPv4, the second is for IPv6.

@kmansoft Hey, Thank you very much..
that solved my problem :)


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