Deploying projects on Netlify... domain used on Linode?

Hi all! I'm deploying projects on netlify and I'm wondering if I can use subdomains along with my main domain (registered with google) through netlify. My main domain is used to host a site on a linode server and I went through the DNS manager process some time ago. I'm wondering if I need to do anything between linode and netlify to use subdomains of the domain I currently own, or if I can just configure the main domain in Netlify and add subdomains without having to do anything with the linode dns manager?

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Hey there,

I did some checking, and it looks like Netlify only lets you manage DNS records pointing to their platform. Since you have a website on Netlify and Linode, it's recommended to use either our DNS Manager or the registrars if available. I found a guide for Netlify explaining how to point your DNS records to them, and you can find the guide here. If it's been a while since you added records in our DNS Manager this guide should help.


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