How do I use Linode's nameservers as vanity nameservers?

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Currently, my client's domains point to nameservers provided by another provider (e.g. and

I would like to use Linode DNS, but so that my clients do not need to update their nameservers, I'd like to setup "vanity nameservers" that point and at Linode's nameservers.

Are the "DNS Resolver" IP addresses listed on the Networking tab what I should use for the nameserver IPs? Or should I use the IPs returned by nslookup for and Or is this something you do not support at all?

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For vanity nameservers, you'll want to create A records that point ns[1-x] to the IP addresses returned by nslookup or dig for ns[1-x] To obtain the addresses of all five of our nameservers, you can use a command like the following, and create your records accordingly:

$ for x in {1..5}; do dig +short ns"${x}"; done

Thanks, that is very helpful! Are the NS records also required for achieving this or are the A records enough?

Yes I believe you would need to replace your Linode NS records with each of your vanity nameservers in your Linode DNS Manager:

Name Server              Subdomain

To help avoid the circular dependency this creates (i.e. - since the DNS resolution for would first require the resolution of which in turn returns the authoritative nameservers as ns1 and ns2.yourdomain), you'd also need glue records. These would be set up with your registrar, and they may have specific instructions for doing this already.

Ok, that's what I thought. However, it seems to be impossible to replace/remove the default Linode NS records though. DNS checking websites such as IntoDNS, MXToolbox and DNSChecker seem to take issue with having the Linode NS present if they aren't being used. They also complain about the SOA as it contains the Linode NS, which doesn't seem to be editable either.

As a test I've setup my domains on a DNSMadeEasy trial. With the ability to set the NS and SOA records fully, all errors go away.

Hmm, that's a great point, which totally slipped my mind while writing that! Yeah, it's not possible to replace/edit the default Linode nameservers. Sorry for any confusion.

DNSMadeEasy sounds like it would be your best option then. I was also searching through some of our prior Community site threads and found that this was recommended by other users, too (though the below is from over ten years ago):

Think I'm going to be rolling Linode + DNSMadeEasy. Thanks for the help!


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