How does the Trusted Device option for Cloud Manager work?

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I'm concerned about setting the Trusted Device on Cloud Manager. I have to frequently change locations and IP addresses, but when I enable Trusted Device I get a notification that the request came from the following IP: (or whatever). What if someone else ends up using the same IP?

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In this case, the notification about the IP address is mainly so you will know if an address you don't recognize has requested to be trusted.

It actually works through a token supplied to your browser agent. Let's say you log in and set the Trusted Device on Firefox. Cloud Manager will check in with Firefox for the token. Whether you are using a VPN or just at a coffee shop, it will be checking the browser and not the IP. So, if someone ends up with the same IP address they won't be able to log into your account without your username and password.

On a similar note, if you set it in Firefox, you will still need to supply your username and password if you chose to login through Chrome.


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